Meet the team


Dr. Wadie Dughman DMD

Dr. Dughman graduated from Boston University School of Dental Medicine with the recognition of Magna Cum Laude from the class of 2011. He returned to Alameda, where he was born and raised, to serve in the dental practice his family has been a part of since his mother was a little girl. He is dedicated to providing excellent dentistry and constantly immersing himself in continuing education and the research literature to bring the latest treatment protocols to the practice. When he isn't learning about new dental technologies, he is spending his time with his wife and three young children.

"I love my job. I enjoy nothing more than getting people out of pain and giving them the smiles they’ve always wanted."

Dr. Corazon Manaloto DDS

I immigrated from the Philippines when I was 4 years old and have been living in the East Bay ever since. I received my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California at Berkeley and my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree in 1993 from the University of California at San Francisco, School of Dentistry. Dentistry is constantly evolving. Learning and providing the best that dentistry has to offer has been my goal for the past 27 years. Working with my hands to blend art and science is only one of the reasons why I love dentistry. The other is the relationships and bonds that develop through the dentistry. I have been practicing dentistry in Alameda since 2000 and I’m blessed to be living in the town where I work.
I’m a cooking show and cookbook junkie. I love to cook. Whenever I get a chance, I like to travel and go camping. My greatest joy is my family. I am married, and in 2019, our daughter and son in law made us grandparents for the first time. My granddaughter and dog make me smile every day. I look forward to meeting you and providing you with excellent and personalized dental care.


Marilou Tobias RDH

Marilou was born and raised in the Philippines and moved to the Bay area at the age of 14. She has been in the dental field for 23 years and has worked as a dental hygienist for 18 years. Recognized for building rapport with patients, Marilou strives to provide quality care in a
compassionate, comfortable and sincere approach. She is trained in traditional periodontal care methods as well as laser-assisted periodontal therapy techniques. To balance work and personal life. Marilou enjoys spending time with her 7 year old daughter, Madison. She loves to bake, shop and do crafts.

Jeannine Richmond RDH

Jeannine was born and raised in Oakland. She has been in the dental field for 32 years. First, as a dental assistant for 8 years before moving on to work in a dental laboratory, making crowns and bridges. During this time, she was also taking college courses. In 2005, she graduated from Chabot College Dental Hygiene Program, and received the award given by the Western Periodontal Society for showing interest and proficiency in periodontics. Jeannine enjoys helping others achieve a beautiful smile, improving their oral health, as well as overall health. She is consistent in continuing education and improving her skills. It's important to her that patients are comfortable and feel informed about their dental health needs, and leave feeling like they have had a positive dental experience. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors, exercising, gardening, going to see live music with her friends, and walks with her dog, Brutus.

Dental Assistants

Audrey Edwards

Audrey is the epitome of the nurturing caregiver. Her 25+ years in the field also makes her one of the most experienced RDA’s in Alameda. She is the biggest advocate for patient comfort, and during your visit, will be reading signs and body language to anticipate your needs.
Yolanda Espinoza: Yolanda has been in the dental field for 20 years and has a strong background in Periodontics and surgery. She is at home in the surgical arena and is exactly who you would want helping the doctor should you need to visit it. She is also one of the main personalities at the front desk, helping with booking appointments and communicating with insurance companies on behalf of our patients. Yolanda speaks Spanish and English and has two precious boys that she raises with her dedicated husband. They enjoy camping and being outdoors.


Indira Guerrero

With over 25 years of experience in the dental field, Indira’s enthusiasm and knowledge will impress you. She is passionate about helping our patients understand and get the most from their dental insurance. She is a dedicated wife, the loving mother of 4 and is heavily involved
raising her grandchildren. She enjoys cooking and baking and has recently devoted her spare time to gardening.


  • Restorative services

  • Crown & Bridge: A tooth may require a crown or “cap” if it is in danger of breaking or has already been broken. Once a filling has gotten larger than 50% of the tooth surface area, a fracture becomes

  • statistically higher. A bridge connects 3 or more crowns together and replaces missing teeth by

  • connecting to the teeth on either side of the space.

  • Implant-supported Crown & Bridge or Dentures: An Implant is a titanium screw that gets placed into

  • and fuses with the jawbone. Once there is integration, a crown or bridge needs to be made and gets

  • attached using a specialized connector called an abutment.

  • Fillings: The most common procedure to eliminate and repair a tooth defect caused by decay, tooth

  • wear or even a small fracture. Care will be taken to remove all signs of decay; the nerve may require

  • protection with a base or liner. There are several material choices to restore the tooth with including

  • Amalgam, Glass Ionomer, Composite, and Porcelain

  • Cosmetic Services: Whitening, Veneers

  • Orthodontics: Clear Aligner Therapy: (Invisalign, Clearcorrect, Suresmile) Include logos

  • Oral Surgery

  • Extractions: We perform most extractions in our office from baby teeth that need a little extra help to

  • impacted wisdom teeth. We can discuss methods to make your procedure more comfortable to you by prescribing medications for relaxation.

  • Implants: The most elegant and cutting edge way to replace a missing tooth by far, the dental implant is becoming commonplace in dentistry today. If you are missing teeth you want replaced or are tired of loose dentures, please ask us if you are a candidate.

  • Bone Grafting: The most current evidence shows that placing a bone graft after removing a tooth

  • preserves the most amount of bone around the adjacent teeth and helps the bone grow back into the

  • empty socket where the tooth came out. This helps maintain the gum levels on the neighboring teeth

  • by preventing recession, leaves a more cosmetic appearance and also gives the best chance of success

  • for placing an implant to replace the missing tooth.

Insurances Accepted

Benefit plans we work with include Delta Dental, Aetna, Cigna, Met Life, Guardian and many more. Usually, these are plans where you have the ability to choose your dentist. We do not accept HMO or DMO type insurances.

Each plan is different and it's important to understand what dental costs your provider will cover. Please contact us to understand the specific coverage that will be provided by your insurance plan.

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